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Maintenance Requests






  1. Repair Requests: All requests for repairs must be in writing and delivered to Landlord. If Tenant is delinquent in rent at the time a repair notice is given, Landlord is not obligated to make the repair. In the even of an emergency related to the condition of the Property that materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant, call: (817) 327-6578. Ordinarily, a repair to the heating and air conditioning system is not an emergency, see emergency link for information.
  2. Completion of Repairs:                                               (1) Tenant may not repair or cause to be                        repaired any condition of the cause, without               Landlord's permission. All decisions                       regarding repairs, including the completion of            any repair, whether to repair of replace the               item and the selection of contractors will be at            the Landlord's sole discretion.                               (2) Landlord is not obligated to complete a repair            on a day other than a business day unless               required to do so by the Property Code.


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